Services solutions

Flexible, dynamic and competitive

Girzi Line deals with the entire productive and logistics system internally, from the study and creation of specific customised and exclusive to the packaging research and the industrial production through:

• High quality raw material selection.
• Innovative production technologies.
• Product life cycle management.
• Marketing and consultino services about the choice of packeging and graphic design.
• Communication services and text writing incompliance with the regulations in force.
• Training courses and product promotion courses.
• Cosmetic regulatory management, notification services CNPNP and drafting Product information File (P.I.F).

Full product

We develop the new line concept. We study the visual and the packaging. We formulate, produce and pack in order to give you the finished product.

The quality cycle

Scrupulous controls, costant monitoring and attention to the customers' needs: these are the main components of our quality cycle.