Smooth skin like cashmere

Cashmere is a very fine natural fiber which has ancient origins.
It is an undisputed symbol of charm and femininity to be worn directly on the skin, its estreme smoothness is immediately recognizable to the touch, even with eyes closed.
From cashmere wool keratin is extracted , a fibrous protein with a high content of important amino acids.
The cashmere forms a protective filter with a hydrating and renovating action which is ideal as an active ingredient for face hydrating and anti-ageingproducts, for body products with its soothing properties and for the very pleasant fluency of the product.
Cashmere gives the texture an incoparable smoothness and delicacy.
Cashmere creams are a caress for our skin.

Vineresveratrol - SkinAntiaging

Grapes in cosmetics because they are naturally rich in extraordinary virtues; from pulp ,seeds, from juice and leaves, precious active principles which contribute to moisturizing and nourising the skin, by counteractig free radicals responsible for skin ageing.

The active principle in our creams is resveratrol : a plant molecule present in all wines.

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